Watchmen Security

Explainer Video


Watchmen Security is a California-based security company that reached out to me when it first launched. The owner asked for a friendly approachable explainer video of how his company's services can protect his client's properties while informing them of the easy process of hiring them.


Watchmen security tasked me with a gauntlet of production, including writing the commercial, illustration, and some of the animation with a second animator. I felt that designing a cohesive visual style matching law enforcement colors mixed with the sense of a corporate explainer video would give the perfect mix of professional and public service that Watchmen Security was asking for.

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The commercial launch was used by Watchmen Security as both an educational sales tool and a warm informational greeting to potential new customers. This video campaign helped directly land several new clients for Watchmen security.

Software Used:

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere pro Celtx