Tripp St

Tripp St

EDM Show Package


Musicians who are made to become platinum-selling artists don't contact me very often but when they do, it feels special. The team for the EDM artist Tripp St reached out to me to develop their first ever show package. A set of unique visuals that could be remixed to play alongside his unique style of electronic music. With very little information of what the visual langue of the music artist would be and with only 30 days to create these visuals before Tripp St took the stage at his very first festival, I dived into work to help present him to the world.


Along with a second motion designer, I led the charge to develop a number of specific thematic visual sets including a “battlefield of mics”, “home in space”, and a number of “totem pole” pieces of content with various god-like beings in statue form. The animated pieces were completed with a small army of computers due the high-quality nature of the work and the short time frame. Each video was completed with either Maxon C4D or Element3D in Adobe After Effects.

Tripp ST frames Tripp ST frames Tripp ST frames


By completing the project just a couple of days before Tripp St’s first festival performance, his team was able to integrate them into the show giving a great performance and introduction to the world. He was able to visually remix the pieces to his music with a number of other generic assets we provided him to extend the content to a full hour.

Music by Tripp St

Software Used:

Maxon C4d Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere Pro Element 3D Octane