Glitched VR Talk Show

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Glitched is a VR talk show in VR. The show was created by Eugene Capon in early 2016 as a product for AltspaceVR. Radio DJ Topher Welsh was brought on as a co-host during the first season. When Altspace shut down in August of that year the show became available for other opportunities. High Fidelity VR ordered a 6 episode run funding a second season and making Glitched the first VR talk show to be ordered like a TV show. The show has featured a variety of guests including VR industry professionals, VR game designers and well known Internet personalities. Glitched is currently planning a 3rd season.


Glitched is a show about VR in VR where we get together and figure out where its all going.


Eugene Capon

Topher Welsh



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