Eugene Capon is a Pacific Northwest motion designer, VR evangelist and VFX film maker. He is best known for his various on-line appearances, mostly YouTube either as a VFX artist, director or on-line personality. His educational background includes two Associate in visual communications from Everett Community College and a Bachelors in liberal arts from The Evergreen State where he focused on film making and animation.


Early on in his career Eugene showed a passion for helping others through design. This was first seen by the public when he dedicated his time to successfully helping saving the Everett Historic Theatre from being closed down. Not far after he was brought on to help as a motion designer with an indie film called Justice Never Reloads: A Cop Drama Movie. In 2016 Eugene was part of a group at the Seattle VR Hackathon III, where they took best use of new technology. This event caused several news outlets to reference/interview the technology built by him and his team. Four of the teammates went on to form the company ensoVerse where he resides as a co-founder and VR evangelist. He hosted 2 seasons of Glitched, the first in VR talk show to be ordered like a TV show.




Upon entering the VR space Eugene quickly positioned himself as a VR influencer. In his first year he was the only VR authority at Vloggerfair 2016 and The Emerald City Comicon 2017 taking over the Twitch live stage. He spoke/demoed at other events such as Eastside VR, Seattle Fashion Week, Seattle VR and represented his company ensoVerse at the Immerse Shark Tank. In early 2017. Eugene also co-hosted the Glitched VR talk show on Altspace until the company closed.




As a multi-facet artist Eugene has made appearances on various publications including The Everett Herald Newspaper, Vibrations Magazine, Rev Kyle VR Podcast, The Living Computer's Youtube Day panelist, Emerald City Comicon as a panelist for Creativity in VR, KOB412 Podcast, OnTV.com, WordOfTheNerd.com, Crosscut.com and the Shady Shores Podcast.





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